Although there are some decisions to make in order to buy a quality used car, getting a car loan with us makes it easier for you to purchase the vehicle you need. If you are unsure about what direction to take in your pre-shopping research, first think about what you definitely want your car to do. Will it drive one person on a long commute to work, or will it haul the whole family around town?

First Steps

Maybe after thinking about what is important for you and your family, you have a short list of cars that all have the essentials that you need. Now comes the fun part; what are the optional features that you are especially interested in? If you think about this ahead of time, it will make for a more focused search when we look at cars together. Test driving a few cars in one visit is a good way to directly compare the vehicle you are considering.

Are there certain aspects of vehicles that you especially want to learn about when we take test drives of your favorite vehicles? If we know for example, that fuel economy and good safety ratings are essential to you, we can more readily show you cars that you will be interested in when you visit.

Financing Considerations

We know that we have car loans to meet your needs. How much do you want to spend on a car payment each month? All of our sales people are your car knowledge resource and are aware of the challenges of used car shopping. We can tailor a car loan to fit your needs.

We want to make this a pleasant experience for you and help you get the vehicle you want. From the initial test drive, to financing, and finally ownership, we want you to have the optimal car buying experience from us.